Industrial Surplus Sales: Electrical Equipment inventory

Electrical Equipment

3- Phase Transformers
Buss Boxes
CNC Control Components
Limit Switches

   3- Phase Transformers

           Sola Hevi-Duty 30 kVA Three Phase Power Conditioner 63TAA330                No. 63T2A330        (#028-611)        view a photo

           Hevi Duty - General Signal 11 KVA Transformer 460 - 460Y/266                No. DT651H11        (#028-520)        view a photo

           Sodick 18 kVA Dry-Type Multi Tap Transformer                DVTKO-18AT-D        (#028-543)        view a photo

           Jefferson Electric Dry Type Isolation Transformer                No. 423-0024-054        (#028-446)        view a photo

           Acme Electric 45 KVA Transformer                TP-53313-3S        (#028-537)        view a photo

           Olsun Dry Type Transformer, 90 KVA                No. 31712-A        (#028-486)        view a photo

           ITE Power Magnetics, Inc. 150 Kva Transformer, 460/230Y                No. 150 Kva, 6502        (#028-608)        view a photo

   Buss Boxes

           General Electric Flex-A-Plug DFPTQL4 50 Amp Buss Box                No. DFPTQL4        (#028-622)

   CNC Control Components

           Fanuc A06B-6044-H131 AC Spindle Servo Unit                A06B-6044-H131        (#028-568)        view a photo

           FANUC Spindle Amp Module                A06B-6088-H222#H500        (#028-556)        view a photo

           FANUC CPU for 18MC Controls                Type A16B-1212-0901        (#028-545)        view a photo

           Allen Bradley DC Servo Controller                CAT# 1388B-AV20        (#028-529)        view a photo

           Allen Bradley DC Servo Controller                CAT# 1388-AV60        (#028-527)        view a photo

           Baldor VS1MX42-4 2-HP AC Variable Speed Motor Drive                No. VS1MX42-4        (#028-630)        view a photo

           Fanuc 3-Axis Digital AC Servo Amplifier, A06B-6058-H302                No. A06B-6058-H302 S-Series        (#028-609)        view a photo

           Fanuc 9" CRT/MDI Unit, A02B-0120-C041/MAR                A02B-0120-C041/MAR        (#028-577)        view a photo

           Fanuc AC Servo Amplifier, C Series, A06B-6066-H004                C Series A06B-6066-H004        (#028-576)        view a photo

           Fanuc Alpha Spindle Power Module, SPM-30-1, A06B-6088-H230#500-R                A06B-6088-H230#500-R        (#028-610)        view a photo

           AEG Modicon Panelmate Plus CRT with MDI Panel                MM-PMC2-100        (#028-588)        view a photo

           AEG Modicon Analog Input Module, B875-111                No. AS-B875-111        (#028-584)        view a photo

           Reliance Electric MaxPak Plus DC Variable Speed Spindle Drive                No. 801429-21SC MaxPak Plus        (#028-544)        view a photo

           Vee-Arc Dynamic Braking Assembly, PC7000 900-746                No. 900-746, PC7000        (#028-578)        view a photo

           Yaskawa Circuit Board, JANCD-FC110                No. JANCD-FC110, Rev. B01        (#028-581)        view a photo

           Fanuc A06B-6087-H115 Power Supply Module                A06B-6087-H115        (#028-569)        view a photo

           Okuma CNC Control Cabinet, OSP 2200L                No. OSP-2200L[C] LH-50N        (#028-565)        view a photo

           Okuma CNC Control Cabinet, OSP 2200L                No. OSP-2200L[C] LH-50N        (#028-564)        view a photo


           Cutler-Hammer Heavy Duty Safety Switch, Disconnect Switch                No. DH362URK        (#028-586)        view a photo

           New Cutler-Hammer Heavy Duty Safety Switch/ Disconnect Switch                No. DH661UDK        (#028-583)        view a photo

           New Cutler-Hammer Heavy Duty Safety Switch/ Disconnect Switch                No. DH362UGK        (#028-582)        view a photo

           New Hoffman Wire Way Fitting, 90 Deg. Elbow, F-44WE90                No. F-44WE90        (#028-585)        view a photo

   Limit Switches

           New Delaval Barksdale Econ-O-Trol Vacuum Actuated Switch                No. E1H-H-VAC-P6        (#028-571)        view a photo


           GE Portable Power Analyzer, EPM 9650Q                No. EPM 9650Q        (#028-628)        view a photo

           Pinnacle Anti-Tie Down Concurrent Operation Module                No. 52-252R2        (#028-572)        view a photo

           New Cutler-Hammer FDPWS 324R Fusible Bus Duct Switch                No. FDPWS 324R        (#028-607)        view a photo

           New Siemens Heavy Duty, Fusible Saftey Switch                No. HF363        (#028-606)        view a photo


           Aercology Electric Motor, 3-HP, Ser. F200                Spec. 35E964-863G1        (#028-618)        view a photo

           Baldor Electric Motor, .33-HP, Spec. 34-125-884                Spec. 34-125-884        (#028-613)        view a photo

           Baldor Electric Motor, .33-HP, Spec. 34-125-884                Spec. 34-125-884        (#028-614)        view a photo

           Baldor Electric Motor, 1/2-HP, MM3461                No. MM3461        (#028-615)        view a photo

           Baldor Electric Motor, .75-HP, MM3542                No. MM3542        (#028-616)        view a photo

           Baldor Electric Motor, 1-HP, MVM3546D                No. MVM3546D        (#028-620)        view a photo

           Baldor Electric Motor, 1.5-HP, MVM3554D                No. MVM3554D        (#028-621)        view a photo

           Dayton Electric Motor, .75-HP, 6K949J                No. 6K949J        (#028-617)        view a photo

           2013 Fanuc AC Servo Motor Alpha 22/2000, A06B-0147-B075#0008                No. Alpha 22/2000        (#028-573)        view a photo

           Fanuc AC Servo Motor, Model 0, A06B-0513-B001                No. 0, A06B-0513-B001        (#028-575)        view a photo


Industrial Surplus Sales: Electrical Equipment inventory
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