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Milling Head Attachments

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           Bridgeport EZTrak II 3-Axis CNC Vertical Mill                No. EZTrak II, Series 2        (#076A-205)        view a photo

           2004 Bridgeport/Hardinge 3-Axis CNC Vertical Mill, EZ Plus                EZ Plus        (#076A-204)

           Chevalier QP2033-L 4-Axis CNC VMC                No. QP2033-L        (#076A-200)        view a photo

           1995 Haas 4-Axis Capable CNC Vertical Machining Center                No. VF3        (#076A-206)        view a photo

           Matsuura Twin Spindle 3-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center                No. MC760V-DC        (#076A-194)        view a photo

           YCM Supermax MAX-1, 4-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center                Model MAX-1 (VMC-65A)        (#076A-199)        view a photo


           Cincinnati Bed Type Horizontal Mill/ 18" x 72" Table, 30 HP                No. 330-18 Verci-Power        (#077-327)        view a photo

           1977 Cincinnati Horizontal Milling Machine                No. 207 MK        (#077-367)        view a photo

           Cincinnati Horizontal Milling Machine                No. 5 High Power        (#077-355)        view a photo

           1977 Cincinnati 415-16 Plain Dial Type Horizontal Mill with Motorized Overarm & Vertical Head                No. 415-16 Plain Dial Type        (#077-359)        view a photo

   Milling Head Attachments

           DeVlieg Right Angle Milling Head Attachment                MB-37426        (#078A-028)        view a photo


           Bridgeport Vertical Shaping Head                E        (#078-502)        view a photo

           Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine                No. 1.5-HP, VS        (#078-503)        view a photo

           Bridgeport Series I, 2-HP Vertical Milling Machine        `        Series I        (#078-507)        view a photo

           Bridgeport Series I, 2-HP Vertical Milling Machine        `        Series I        (#078-506)        view a photo

           Bridgeport Series I, 2-HP Vertical Milling Machine        `        Series I        (#078-505)        view a photo


Industrial Surplus, Inc.: Millers inventory
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